Our kennel "Collypins" was formed in 2009 by myself Cindy Collinson and my mum Shirley Dare, we are located in the wonderful county of Devon where we are surrounded by area’s of outstanding natural beauty and within them hold the most fabulous dog walks.


All our pins are our pets first and foremost and we are blessed to be owned by these wonderful “little people”, each of them having their own individual and amazing personalities. They and we have a fantastic social life and have met some great friends amongst the dog showing community and fellow dog owners. We are incredibly proud to say out of our first litter of pins in Sept 2009 our first Champion“Alfie” gained his title in 2011 just before his 2nd birthday and his litter sister" Daisy Mae"gained hers in April 2012.


We are members of the British Miniature Pinscher Club Of Great Britain and I am also a committee member. We abide by the Clubs Rules & Code of Ethics.

If you are interested or would like any further information/advice on this truly remarkable little breed please feel free to contact me. (believe me,it’s my favourite subject).


Please be very wary as unfortunately our dear “little people” are being used for nothing more than financial gain by unscrupulous breeders who tend to sell on various internet selling sites, these puppies and pin cross’s are very rarely health tested which could bring you much heartache and expense in the long run. Please always research the “Breed and the Breeders” before you pay for a very cute looking puppy.

Links to Miniature Pinscher & Kennel Club for a list of reputable breeders can be found on my contact page.


IMG_1144 DSC_0775 web daisy head DSC_0058 DSC_0242 poppy